Master Tay has a strong analytical ability and always show accurate results. My 偏財 4D / ToTo wealth amazingly improved a lot after 开钱库 within a month. Happy to receive winning 4D & ToTo prizes regularly. Highly recommend !! 👍👍

Ngawang Norpu Lim

24 February 2020

Saw Master Tay and results came within 2 weeks. After I took the 开财库procedure, struck 2nd prize 4D.

Highly recommended

JS Poh

12th February 2020

戴师傅 的补运 会让你们在今年 2020 的运越来越好!不论是有犯太岁 或没有,都可以补运! 戴师傅的补运将从初四到三十。一份只需15元。欲知详情 请询问 @MasterTay。 我本人从除夕玩麻将到初六,天天都在输钱,给戴师傅 补运了过后,今天终于赢了。 不得不信,佩服戴师傅的功力,让我的运气越来越好了!谢谢🙏

Sharon Tay

31 January 2020

Master Tay can tell a lot from the card reading with good advices and remedy to help. My results came within 1 week.
Thank you Master

Evelyn Tan

30th January 2020

Genuine nice man who is patient to give you proper advice!
Thankful 🙏🏻

Hong Wanling, Jaylene

30th December 2019


We seeked Master Tay for auspicious date for our wedding. He was very efficient in delivering the dates for us to choose and he gave with a few important tips the do’s and donts for my wedding.

Noel Chow

29th December 2019

I did an open treasury consultation with Simon. He identified the gaps and recommended several ways to improve wealth flow. It was an eye opening session and I have confidence that my career will prosper because of this!

Ronald Choo

19 December 2019 (Facebook Review)

I like Master Tay’s simple, effective and practical advice.

I am not well-versed in feng shui and he was very patient in explaining the practices to me. I have engaged several other feng shui masters before, many of whom gave impractical advice or tried to get me to purchase expensive statues/items in order to have the desired effect. Will definitely recommend his services to friends and family

Carolyn Cloudia Lyn

1st October 2019 (Facebook review)

Highly recommended

The advice I received from Master Tay was exceptional. I was skeptical at first but since I was in a bad situation at that point, I decided to followed the changes Master Tay suggested. It turned out to be the best decision I have made as things have improved so much since then. Thank you for your wonderful advice Mr Tay🙌

Pia Tan