The Chinese has a popular proverb “Feng Shui Changes with Times (風水輪流轉)”. This reflects the cyclical nature of Feng Shui. As the Qi changes yearly, every house/property will experience different Feng Shui as time goes on.

An annual assessment of your property, conducted at the beginning of each year, is just like a yearly investment or audit. It is an excellent way to reveal the consistencies or flaws around you, and gauge what the year has in store for you. If the Feng Shui of your house is good for a particular year, you need to know when and how to harness the good Qi to bring about good health, wealth and success in life. If the Feng Shui is bad, you need to know when and how to avoid or minimize the bad Qi to prevent the repercussions that may arise from it.


Benefits of an Annual Assessment?

  • Activating and maximizing usage of areas in your house/property that contains good Qi
  • Identifying and avoiding areas of the house/property that will bring problems. Remedies will be suggested to minimize or cure the problems
  • Activating the wealth sector of the house/property for the year
  • Forecasting of events that might happen to your home/property, so that you can make informed decisions and plan your path for the year accordingly.
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