Have you ever heard of the old saying “it’s all in the cards”? Long before people used cards to play games, they were used to foretell the future. In fact, playing cards were invented for divination purposes.

It is not mere coincidence that a certain card or spread presents itself during a reading. Playing cards possesses a certain cosmic and spiritual power, and those learned in the art of divination are able to harness this power with proper readings and gain an insight into many of life’s questions.

What can Poker Card Fortune reveal about your life?

Playing cards are divided into 4 suits – hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. The elements connected to each suit are as follows:

  • Hearts – Water: represent emotions and feelings. Hearts also very often represent relationships, as relationships encompasses the full range of emotions.
  • Clubs – Fire: generally signify business, ambition and achievement. Corresponding to its element of a blazing flame, it also represents strong passion.
  • Spades – Air: like the winds of change, this element represents challenges, messages, gossips and warnings of negative forebodings.
  • Diamond – Earth: represents materials such as possession, money and career.

It is inadequate to understand the meaning of each suit when we can delve deeper into the individual meanings of each card. Drawing a single card out of the traditional deck of 52 cards may be able to provide you with some answers into your own fortune or that of your loved ones.


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