What is a treasury? Why do the richer people know that they want to open their treasury?

There are 2 concepts related to wealth in Feng Shui:

  • 平财 (Ping2 Cai2) – Wealth accumulated from career, income, promotions, bonus and business investments. Basically this refers to money generated from working hard.
  • 衡财 (Heng2 Cai2) – Wealth accumulated from good fortune such as gambling, 4D or earnings from casinos and game betting.

Very often, people only worry about making money the hard way and ignore the simpler method to increase their wealth. If your treasury is open, you will be lucky and make a lot of money easily. But if the treasury is not open, you may not be able to make money regardless of how hardworking you are. Opening your treasury essentially releases the shackles over your wealth potential and allows you to increase your active and passive income stream.


Services Include:

Master Tay will uncover your financial position according to the elements linked to your BaZi. The 5 elements are namely:

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Gold
  • Wood

For example, if the fire element is prevalent in your BaZi, you should place wood carvings at a suitable place in your home to stoke the fire and invite wealth into your life.

The 5 elements in your BaZi will also reveal other shortcomings in your Feng Shui as well. As long as you open the treasury to open both streams of luck (平财 and 衡财), you will be able to thrive.

Cost of Consultation:

$88 for a 30 minute consultation

Booking Procedure:

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