The quality of your home can be determined by the layout, building orientation and landscape of the property site. A Feng Shui practitioner cannot change or alter this, but he can guide you to look out for the correct elements in finding the ideal home.

The ideal situation is to engage a Feng Shui master to hunt a house together with you, instead of purchasing a bad house and expecting him to fix it after for you, unless you have already bought a house.

Master Tay will be able to assess the quality of the house and what tenants may go through as a result of residing inside. This includes the onsite selection of new or resale properties such as HDB flats, apartments, condominiums and landed properties.


It includes determining:

  • Whether a particular place or plot of land is compatible with you;
  • Whether your property is facing a good direction and is supported by proper external landforms;
  • Selection of a unit/house with the best floor plan;
  • Selecting the best floor based on the occupants’ birthday and time of birth
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