Good Feng Shui for your office, business, commercial or industrial property is extremely important as it can affect sales, growth, productivity and morale. This explains why sometimes, no matter what you do or how much effort you put in, your business seems to remain stagnant or go downhill.

Depending on the nature of your business, Master Tay will audit your property using the appropriate commercial consultation technique. Our industries covered include:

  • Offices
  • Retail shops
  • Restaurants
  • Shop-houses
  • Factories/Warehouses
  • Large buildings, etc.

It will benefit you if you are:

An audit for office Feng Shui is beneficial if your business is currently experiencing the following bad Feng Shui signs:

  • Poor sales
  • Low productivity
  • Complaining customers
  • Legal issues
  • Rampant office politics
  • High attrition rate

On the other hand, you may seek Feng Shui services if you are planning to go about the following major changes:

  • Starting up a new business
  • Planning to renovate your office, shop or other business property
  • Planning to restructure
  • Seeking opportunities to grow or expand
  • Improving your current sales/business

Our Consultation Procedure:

  • A full Feng Shui audit of your office/shop.
  • Recommendations of favourable table position and office locations for CEO, executives and key personnel, to achieve increased productivity and business success
  • Determining auspiciousness of equipment layout. E.g. For factories/ warehouses, we the placement of machinery is important to prevent accidents and break down.
  • For shops, restaurants or cafes, the main door entrance of your restaurant, position of cashier and placement of kitchen are crucial for good Feng Shui
  • The well-being of workers is also of focal point as production will be affected if there is negative energy that causes conflict.
  • Provision of a selection of auspicious dates for renovation, moving-in and Feng Shui implementations (if required);
  • Advice on colour scheme and office desks/furniture layout (if required);
  • Summary Report
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