An auspicious birthing date means that a child is delivered on a good Year, Month, Day and Hour will bring good fortune not only for the child but also for his or her family. This is possible only when one desires or is advised by their gynaecologist to go for caesarean birth. The choice of a good caesarean date is limited by the Year and Month, which are predetermined. Thus the choice of selecting a good Day and Time to be in unison with the Year and Month is very important.

In every child’s birth chart, there are stars that indicate or represent his or her parent. If these stars are good and auspicious in the child’s chart, this often indicates that the parents will become better off after the birth of the child. Likewise, a child’s birth chart can also indicate whether the birth of the child will bring misery and hardship to their parents. Now, this is NOT the child’s fault, as it is just the elemental influences at the time of the child’s birth that bring about these outcomes.


Service Includes:

During the meet up, Master Tay will present all the possible Dates and Time for caesarean and explain the pros and cons between the selected dates in terms of the baby’s character, career, wealth, marriage and health. The auspicious time and date range for birthing can be coordinated with the parents’ Life Maps, baby’s gender, the anticipated due date and the doctor’s schedule.

A Birth Date selection for Caesarean Birth often involves a tremendous amount of work as the possibilities for BaZi charts per day are countless. Thus, from a practice standpoint, we can only assist to target for the Birth Date during the 10-Day period in which you decide to give birth. The consultation requires a minimum of 20 days’ notice to allow for preparations to be made.


Booking Procedure:

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During registration, please provide the following information:

  1. Baby’s Expected Due Date
  2. Gender of Baby
  3. Birth Date, Chinese and English name of the baby’s parents
  4. Birth Date, Chinese and English name of the baby’s sibling (s) – if any
  5. Doctor’s recommended dates for the caesarean operation (one designated week)