Introduction to Master Tay Consulting

Master Tay Consulting was established in 1980 and have since provided quality consultation services to our esteemed clientele. Master Tay Consulting was founded by Master Simon Tay, who is renowned for his excellent traditional and contemporary skills in geomancy with more than 30 years of professional experience.

Master Tay Consulting offers an efficient, professional and no-nonsense Feng Shui consultancy service to his clientele in Singapore. The consultancy strives to be of service to others and empower them to embrace energy and qi in their way of life.

Master Tay seeks to dispel the myth that Feng Shui is limited to certain practicing religions and has made his services available for people from all Races and Religious groups. Master Tay Consulting, with their clients in the forefront of consideration, provides only the best and most efficient consultation services using an extensive experience and complete knowledge in Feng Shui.

Master Simon Tay

Master Tay is one of the most qualified and professional consultants in this arena. Since his youthful days, he has had an immense interest and passion for metaphysics and the teachings that follow it. To pursue his passion, he has indulged countless of hours into researching on the different aspects of Feng Shui and started his professional practice in order to assist his clients to improve their standard of living.

Today, he has acquired a great wealth of knowledge and practice in geomancy and continues to strive to provide his clients with the most accurate reading. As a result of his precise readings, many of Master Tay’s clients have experienced a vast improvement in the harmony and prosperity in their lives.

Master Tay Consulting is a home-based Feng Shui business located in Singapore. More details regarding Master Tay’s services can be found on the services tab of the website. You may also contact him at +65 97893389 for further discussions.